Monday, May 11, 2009

Daddy's in England

So tonight Eliza and I had a girl's night, but she didn't quite get that it was supposed to be fun.... I tried and tried and tried to get her to go to sleep. I laid her down like we usually do and she screamed until I was sure she was going to hyperventilate. Then I rocked her, sang to her, petted her, laid down with her, gave her more of a bottle, prayed over her, and she just would not go to sleep. I started this at 7:45 becuase mamaw and grandaddy said she had not taken good naps today, so she was tired. And now it is 10:15 and I just got her to sleep with the help of her fish aquarium. I am exhausted. You know last year when Ted went to England, Elvis, our dog lost his mind and would not sleep for five stinkin' weeks and this year I think Eliza is going to follow in his foot steps.
Needless to say, I miss Ted already. It is odd how much person becomes essential to your life and then when they are absent it feels like you are trying to do everything with your nondominant hand.
Of course, all of you probably know that I am a wife who is very taken care of and has very little to worry about in terms of our home on a daily basis. I honestly just tried to figure out if I could make it until my momma comes on Thursday night with out doing laundry. I am most certainly spoiled. It is almost embarassing. (Ted don't worry, my plan is to do it tomorrow.)

Here are some recent pictures of Eliza. She is wearing big girl pajama's that Mamaw Teresa got her on her last visit:

In this picture, I told her to give me her best Mamaw Teresa impression.

And she stuck out her tongue... imagine that?!?

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