Wednesday, April 1, 2009

bringing joy....

So today was a beautiful day! Since, I found out that I was pregnant with Eliza I have prayed that she would be an extension of God's love in this world. I know that she has already shown a great deal to me about God's love. Today I got to see her share joy with a group of people that need reminded that they have value and worth. I have been working a lot at the nursing home lately and it is helpful to us financially but, even more it allows me to be with the least of these. So today when I was driving to the nursing home and it was a beautiful day, I called Ted and asked if he would bring Eliza on a walk to the nursing home. My wonderful husband agreed to bring her to see me and my lovely friends!
I wish you could have seen the faces of those sweet people when they saw our little girl! Even more I wish you could have seen her face! She was grinning at them, most all of them. She was giving away all kinds of joy and love through her little 2 teeth grin! I can not even begin to tell you how amazing it was to me to watch such a gift. This is a picture of her this evening after I got home still grinning and showing off her little teeth!


  1. I know I am new at this but it says that I posted this at 7:07 pm. That is a lie. I didn't post until 10:30. Anybody know how to fix it.

  2. 1) Eliza is so beautiful. I love her.

    2)Go to your dashboard
    Then click on Settings (it's under the title of your blog, on your dashboard, next to New Post- Edit Post- etc.)

    Click Formatting on the top bar

    Make sure your time zone and location are both correct.

    Hope that helps.

    Love you !

  3. As I pull my chind off the floor - I can't believe she is sitting up...AND eating rice cereal! Where does the time go! Glad she has her own blog now! :)